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Monday, June 30, 2014

...America's Missing...! Something of psychopaths...!

America's Missing:
BY David Krajicek

...Something of psychopaths...!


2,300 a Day

Reports of missing persons have increased sixfold in the past 25 years, from roughly 150,000 in 1980 to about 900,000 this year. The increase was driven in part by the country's growing population. But the numbers also indicate that law enforcement treats the cases more seriously now, including those of marginalized citizens.

An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children.

But only a tiny fraction of those are stereotypical abductions or kidnappings by a stranger.

For example, the federal government counted 840,279 missing persons cases in 2001. All but about 50,000 were juveniles, classified as anyone younger than 18.

The National Center for Missing Adults, based in Phoenix, consistently tracks about 48,000 "active cases," says president Kym Pasqualini, although that number has been bumped up by nearly 11,000 reports of persons missing after this year's hurricanes.

In a phone interview, Pasqualini said a breakdown of the 48,000 cases reveals the democratic nature of America's missing persons.

Slightly more than half—about 25,500—of the missing are men. About four out of 10 missing adults are white, three of 10 black and two of 10 Latino.

Among missing adults, about one-sixth have psychiatric problems. Young men, people with drug or alcohol addictions and elderly citizens suffering from dementia make up other significant subgroups of missing adults.

About half of the roughly 800,000 missing juvenile cases in 2001 involved runaways, and another 200,000 were classified as family abductions related to domestic or custody disputes.

Only about 100 missing-child reports each year fit the profile of a stereotypical abduction by a stranger or vague acquaintance.

Two-thirds of those victims are ages 12 to 17, and among those eight out of 10 are white females, according to a Justice Department study. Nearly 90 percent of the abductors are men, and they sexually assault their victims in half of the cases.

To further complicate categorization of cases, the FBI designates some missing-person incidents—both adult and juvenile—that seem most dire as "endangered" or "involuntary."

For example, the agency deemed Taylor Behl, the 17-year-old college student missing in Richmond, Va., to be endangered. More than 100,000 missing persons, the vast majority of them children, are designated as endangered each year. About 30,000 are deemed involuntary.



...not a known thing of Venezuela...! Disappeared...!

...violence in Venezuela is from gangs, drugs and hunger...!

...there is no such a thing as a web site for missing persons...! Amazing...! THIS IS OF PSYCHOPATHS...!


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Have a happy "Canada Day"! My Canada includes everyone!

HAPPY CANADA DAY 2014...! EVERY MONDAY "first" of JULY...!
Human Rights Canada (@CdnHumanRights)
Have a happy Canada Day! My Canada includes everyone!

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Have a happy Canada Day! My Canada includes everyone!
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<a href="">#CanadaDay</a></p>&mdash;
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...the analysis is as follows...!

[1] Low end or bottom end human rights violations, in initial civil behaviors and their petty rules...!
NO HUMAN RIGHTS FOR 3 weeks as they are permitted, if you are "mute" and say nothing, or claim any audience...!

[2] CLAIMING that the small violations of Human Rights, gives bigger Human Rights ...!

[3] WELL as they claim preemptive civil control to stop major problems...! So you would expect what they do in violations in a small manner is the door to very big violations, that also go unattended by Justice...!

NOOO...! THEIR MIND SAY: "we do it in small manner to burn off any desire to be worse in bigger human rights violations" ! CAN YOU IMAGINE ?!

Sadly statistics helps, but A RICH IMMIGRANT OR OTHER, can break you in many ways and forms, and make you their rental peasant...! THAT IS THEIR BEAUTIFUL HEARTS ENGLISH SYSTEM...! What justice deals with this ?
NONE, AND THEY KNOW IT, AND THAT IS WHY THEY DO IT...! The slavery of modern English countries...! Capitalism competition, of who gets work or looses it...! Or any other variation...! 


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Capitalism does have a "top"...! GM in trouble again: nooo!, the dealers...!

RELIGION HAS FAILED ALSO...! It is merely a Social imaginary beliefs activity...!

Immanuel Kant...! CRITIQUE OF REASON . Morals rise from reason not religion.

Wages, prices, real estate, cannot go on forever increasing prices...!

General Motors is in trouble again, nooo!, the dealers....! As I PREDICTED...! THERE ARE NO SALES...!


GM Canada dealers sue company as sales plummet Add to ...
The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jun. 29 2014, 5:36 PM EDT
Last updated Monday, Jun. 30 2014, 5:38 AM EDT

A group of prominent General Motors of Canada Ltd. dealers is suing the company and its parent General Motors Co., saying the auto maker has ignored their repeated pleas for financial help to address a dramatic drop in sales and market share.

GM Canada’s market share in the Greater Toronto Area plunged more than 50 per cent between 2008 and 2013, hitting just 5.6 per cent last year, according to the suit by 17 Toronto-area dealers. The list of dealers includes operators of some of the biggest GM dealerships in the country and some whose relationship with the company goes back to the 1920s.


Marx’s Critique of Capitalism
First, Marx does not offer a theory of price (as is the case with mainstream neoclassical
theory (micro-economics). Instead, his interest is in seeing what are the
mechanisms of capitalist reproduction. That is, what are the processes of capitalist
production, what must happen, what must agents believe, what are the problems that need
to be solved if the system is to keep going. Capital is subtitled, “A critique of Political
Economy” in just this sense.

Second, Marx would not deny that there are huge differences between concrete
capitalistic societies, e.g., the capitalism which he studied, American capitalism in the
1990s, Japanese or Philippine capitalism. He proceeded by abstraction and found what he
thought were the essential or defining features of any capitalist society however different
capitalist societies are, e.g., in their actual class arrangements, culture or politics. There
was, for him, an ideal configuration. E.g., liberalism and capitalism work well together
(for reasons which are not hard to find); but no society has to fit exactly this ideal
configuration of elements.

Commodity Production
While all societies produce what they need (and usually also a social surplus), the
form which products take when production is organized for generalized exchange is the
commodity, goods and services which are sold. If there is to be exchange, products must
have a use value in the plain sense that they are wanted for the properties they have. But
their exchange ratios (why something costs twice as much as something else) cannot be
explained in terms of the properties which give them use-value. The fundamental insight of
the so-called “labor theory of value” is that commodities share in but one thing: they are all
products of human labor. But not only are there all sorts of commodities, but there are all
sorts of labor. How can products produced by different kinds of labor be commensurated?
(On what dimension can they be compared and put into ratios?) Marx answers that when
we exchange, we reduce ‘heterogeneous” labor to “abstract” labor. As he writes:
“whenever, by an exchange, we equate as values our different products, by that very act,
we also equate, as human labor, the different kinds of labor expended upon them” (Capital,
I: 74).

What is produced may or may not represent what Marx calls “socially necessary
labor-time,” roughly, the optimal use and allocation of labor, given existing technical
conditions (I: 39). (The tendency of markets to move in this direction is what Marx calls
“the law of value.” It compares to Smith’s “natural price.” For Marx, “value” (exchange
value) equals price if and only if socially necessary labor-time was employed in
production.) The “money-form” conceals both the “absurdity” of the reduction of
heterogeneous labor to abstract labor-time and the fact that this allocation may or may not
be “rational” (in the appropriate sense).

This is the point of the comparison to Robinson Crusoe and to a community of
people rationally allocating their labor-time. Robinson knows how much time he can put
into his various projects if he is to maintain himself and he decides what to do when. A
“communist” community, having established its goals and resources, would do likewise.
Feudalism (and similar pre-capitalist forms) provides a good intermediate case.

The 2 peasants plant and harvest according to the seasons. Everyone is kept in his place by the
ruling lord who holds power and decides what he will take from the serfs. In feudalism,
Marx says, “there is no necessity for labour and its products to assume a fantastic form
different from their reality (I: 77). Payments are in kind and “the social relations between
individuals in the performance of their labour, appear at all events as their mutual personal
relations, and are not disguised under the shape of social relations between the products of
labor” (ibid.)

Commodity Fetishism and Alienation
It is just this “disguise” which Marx calls “commodity fetishism,” a form of
alienation in which “a definite social relation between men,…assumes, in their eyes, the
fantastic form of a relation between things” (I: 72). Our labor and our products are
“priced.” This defines us as commodities and defines our relations to one another. “The
value of a man,” as Hobbes had already noted, “is his worth, or what would be given for
the use of his powers.” Similarly, when we look for job, we say that “the market”
determines what jobs there are and what they pay. When we shop or look for housing, the
“market” determines what is available and what we have to pay. We “relate” to one other
impersonally as mutually interdependent commodities engaged in generalized exchange.
Marx concludes that “political economy [from Adam Smith to Ricardo and with
antecedents in Hobbes and Locke, ] has indeed analyzed, however incompletely, value and
its magnitude…. But it has never asked the question why labour is represented by the value
of its product and labour-time by the magnitude of that value. These formulae, which bear it
stamped upon them in unmistakable letters that they belong to a state of society, in which
the process of production has the mastery over man, instead of being controlled by him,
such formulae appear… to be as much a self-evident necessity imposed by Nature as
productive labour itself” (I: 81).

Surplus value
In nearly all known societies there is a social surplus. Surplus labor is the labortime
not used to maintain the worker. What counts as “maintenance” is conventional and
varies historically. Thus, it may include not merely a dwelling, but a dwelling of certain
sort. There must be surplus labor if cathedrals, e.g., are to be built and lords to be fed and
clothed. In capitalism, however, surplus labor takes the form of surplus value: value
created by the worker which is not necessary for his “maintenance.” Surplus value is the
source of capitalist profit.

Consider the series C-M-C1 where C represents commodities and M represents
money. In this series, if buyers and sellers are “rational,” the money the seller of C got
could only buy C1 if its value equaled C. Unless somebody cheats (or is not “rational”) no
profit is possible. Consider then M-C- M1 . If M1 is greater than M, then there is only one
commodity that can be purchased, labor-power, since it alone can create value. This is
fairly obvious: no capitalist hires somebody to work for him unless that worker gets paid
less than the value of what he produces. Of course, machines increase the efficiency of
workers, but not only do machines need workers but they also represent “concealed labor
power:” they were also made by humans. Parenthetically, this fact is critical for Marx’s
argument that there will be tendency for a falling rate of profit. Capitalists, necessarily
3 interested in cost-reduction, will try to cheapen labor costs, either by increasing the
efficiency of workers or by finding workers who will work at lower wages. But this also
reduces the value of the product and hence, the source of profit.)

In slavery and serfdom, exploitation is obvious. Everyone knows who has power
and that coercion is available to enforce who gets what. In capitalism, as social relations
are “disguised” and relations are literally, “impersonal,” being relations between things,
so is exploitation. Marx agrees with conventional economists who insist that in capitalism,
workers get “what they worth,” since as before, equals exchange for equals. So workers
are not cheated by employers and no coercion is used against them. They accept their
wages “voluntarily” and thus think of themselves as “free.” But “wage slavery” is still
slavery since workers must sell their labor-power to those who own the means of life—the
defining feature of capitalism and the fundamental division of class in capitalism. But since
only labor can create value and profit has its source in surplus value, exploitation in
capitalism is systemic (structural) even while it is “disguised.”

Capitalism, Law and Government
The foregoing all depends upon a juridical system which defines private property,
contract and the rights of men. (See especially I: 76). Capitalist reproduction can minimize
coercion if people accept liberal ideology including, critically, a “republican” form of
regime in which they are “sovereign people” even if, on the one hand, as Rousseau, had
noted, they have alienated all their power to “governments” and even if, accordingly, their
governments act only to reproduce capitalism.

Contradictions in Capitalism
The fundamental contradiction is between private appropriation and social
production. This is easily seen by expanding our M-C-M circuit. Money buys labor which
creates another commodity, e.g., cars, which then must be sold if surplus is “realized.”
This explains, of course, the huge efforts at marketing. But as it clear, if the workers are not
paid enough to buy the cars, we will have a depression: Cars will sit in lots, workers will
then get laid off making the problem even worse—in a increasing downward spiral.
There are a number of ways to address this problem (which for Marx, cannot in the
long run be solved). One way is to open new markets: Globalization. Another way is to get
the state to be a buyer: the defense industry, WW II, or for the state to subsidize, directly
and indirectly, capitalists and consumption, e.g., through tax breaks, bailouts. (Keynes
thought that this could be managed by manipulating taxes and the interest rate, which thus,
influence “aggregrate demand.”) So far, of course, Marx has been proven wrong: the
contradictions have not created the conditions predicted by the Manifesto.
Manicas/Spring 1999


...generally they have to start the game of money the kids play called MONOPOLY, all over again, with  RE-EVALUATION OF MONEY AND PRICES...!
THAT IS: FOR EXAMPLE, 100$ turns into 10$, 0.10$ BECOMES 0.001$, ETC, your house turns from 100,000$ into 10,000$-50,000$, etc... Prices of 30-50 years ago...!



WHY ? BECAUSE THE WHITE COLLAR THIEF'S AND RICH TOOK IT ALL, and caused the Government to bail out BANKS, and the Government does not want to BAIL OUT AGAIN...!


why ? because strange source money, cannot run the World economy either, they also have a usage limit...!

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vancouver Downtown-Eastside a ghetto ...! - A Political Profetico for 2014 and onwards! - why mention much anything else !

Downtown Eastside: 260 agencies, housing sites crowd Downtown Eastside (with video and map)

Pete McMartin: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is a ghetto made by outsiders (with video and map)
A new list compiled by The Sun includes 30 health care operations, 30 services for families, and more than 100 linked to housing. Sun reporters Lori Culbert and Pete McMartin ask why they are all crammed into one tiny neighbourhood?

By Lori Culbert and Peter McMartin, Vancouver Sun June 28, 2014

Read more:

Nearly $1 million a day is spent providing low-cost housing, social services and other support to vulnerable residents of the Downtown Eastside, a Vancouver Sun investigation has found.

The news outlet compiled, for the first time in recent history, a list of every agency that operates in the Downtown Eastside or provides a service there, and also tallied the organizations’ annual revenues.

In 2013, $360 million was spent by 260 agencies and housing sites to help roughly 6,500 people. Most are poor; many have addictions or mental health challenges.

Three-quarters of that money comes from taxpayers, as the agencies received funding from the provincial ($231 million), municipal ($15 million) and federal ($17 million) governments.

Read more:



Pete McMartin: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is a ghetto made by outsiders (with video and map)
From the inside looking out: Residents can be forgiven for blaming a silent conspiracy

By Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun Columnist June 28, 2014


Ask yourself if you have ever thought this:

You drive down Hastings Street through the Downtown Eastside. You see the roiling parade of stumblebums and addicts on the sidewalks, the rows of ruined buildings.

You feel disgust. Or perhaps pity. Or anger and frustration that the efforts of police, government and a multitude of social welfare agencies encamped there have, for decades, had no effect on the obvious problems you see, that this festering sore in the heart of Vancouver continues to be a sinkhole to hundreds of millions of your tax dollars.

I have felt all that myself.

But what if those problems were a matter of perspective? What if you were not looking in at the Downtown Eastside but looking out from it? What if you lived or worked there, just as you do in your neighborhood?

Your sense of blame might be different. You might see those problems as something forced upon you — by government, by do-gooding academics and poverty activists, and most especially by the residents of every other neighbourhood in Metro Vancouver who, despite their insistence that Something Should Be Done About The Downtown Eastside, really want nothing to be done about the Downtown Eastside because they have tacitly agreed to allow the continued ghettoization of the city’s mental health and addiction problems for fear those problems might spread to their own neighbourhoods.

-------------------------------------------------------- can live better in Canada...!

...but if you fall into some disgrace, the lower end of society, is really low...!

...the English health system and supply to the poor, is gone with the high cost of everything...!

...the STATISTICS REFLECT WRONGLY, THAT THE LOWER END OF LIFE IS LOW IN NUMBERS...! Which is really wrong...! Thousands are poor and live a border life as bad as most 3rd. 4th world countries...!  THOUSANDS IS A BIG NUMBER, THOUGH 1-10% MAY SEEM SMALL...!


More on Canada and North America


A Political Profetico for 2014 and onwards!


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Friday, June 27, 2014

Syria...! No doubt too many dead and too many refugees...! It is an international problem long ago...!

UN on Syria: Must a million die? - Inside Syria - Al Jazeera English


A top United Nation’s aid official has expressed his frustration at the obstacles to humanitarian aid in Syria. John Ging, the director of operations at the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said three years into the conflict, the crisis in Syria was getting even worse.
He said: "The valid question to ask those political leaders is ... how many poor people will you accept to be killed before you do something different? It's 5,000 a month at the moment and it's over 150,000 already. Is it 200,000? Is it a quarter of a million? Is it a million people?"


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

...My anagrammatt's: ramon j.velasquez, last ex_president alive of venezuela, dies...! The last living vestige of Democracy dies ! #2/2

...My anagrammatt's: ramon j.velasquez, last ex_president alive of venezuela, dies...!  The last living vestige of Democracy dies ! #2/2

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...My anagrammatt's: ramon j.velasquez, last ex_president alive of venezuela, dies...! The last living vestige of Democracy dies ! #1/2


The last living vestige of Democracy dies !

Ramon J. Velasquez dies, ex_president of Venezuela !

Succeeded by Rafael Caldera who is dead, but was the one that let Chavez free from jail, and fomented his political win !


During the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, Velásquez was jailed for a year for his role at the compilation of the Libro negro de la dictadura (Black book of dictatorship). The files of this book helped expose the crimes of the dictatorial period.

In 1958, as Venezuela transitioned to democracy, Velásquez was elected to the Venezuelan Senate for the state of Tachira, and later to the Venezuelan Chamber of Deputies for the state of Miranda.[4]

He served as the Secretary of the Presidency during the government of Rómulo Betancourt. After that, he was part of the National Congress. During Rafael Caldera's term at presidency, served as Minister of Communications from 1969 until 1971. From 1984 to 1987 he was President of the Comisión para la Reforma del Estado (COPRE), the Commission on the Reform of the State.



...nobody even has feasible data of the Chavismo's acts, actions, and thefts...!

...the numbers of the BLACK BOOK OF THE DICTATORSHIP [Perez Jimenez] are "pennies" beside the Chavismo numbers of disgrace...!


Evolution is as real, as you want to make it...! You can become a PhD in any studies related to Evolution...! You can become a Doctor in DIVINITY also...!


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...Venezuela going off the map of major airlines...!


Venezuela is clearly beginning to "SUCK"...!

Airlines Cut Back Flights To Venezuela
By Erika Angulo

Air Canada gone from Venezuela, and others reducing flights...! And rightly so...! YOU HAVE BETTER BETS OF A SAFE VACATION IN "CUBA" their political AVATAR, than to go to Venezuela...! UTTERLY INCREDIBLE...!

American Airlines says it is cutting almost 80% of its flights to Venezuela from next month.

From July 2, American will operate only 10 flights per week instead of the current 48.

The move comes as part of a continuing dispute over the repatriation of revenue due to tight currency controls in the oil-rich country.

A number of airlines have already suspended or reduced the number of flights to Venezuela.

"Since we are owed a substantial outstanding amount ($750m, £442m to March 2014) and have been unable to reach resolution on the debt, we will significantly reduce our flights to the country after 1 July," the airline said in a statement.

American said it would only fly to Venezuela from Miami, suspending its flights from New York, Dallas and Puerto Rico.

Tight foreign currency controls make it difficult for foreign airlines to repatriate money from ticket sales in Venezuela.

The authorities have restricted access to dollars and want to make them more expensive to purchase, which may lead to losses for companies that are still waiting for cash from as far back as 2012.

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) estimates Venezuela is delaying payment of $4bn.


...VENEZUELA and chavistas, and Maduro - Cabello are starting to clearly "SUCK"...! can fly to Bogota, Trinidad, or Curazao, and then jump on a "CLONKER" to Venezuela !

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Art: "noahs ark and the giraffe's...! - For the God of the Bible all is possible, except changing what is wrong logic and wrong writ...!

"noah's ark and the giraffe's...! - For the God of the Bible all is possible, except changing what is wrong logic and wrong writ...!

For christians and users and believers in the Bible or only the Old Testament - TORAH, only humans are wrong, and their God is always right...!

Thus I am wrong, as logic is, and the Bible wrong writ is merely mis-understood...!

But though a TIN-CAN OF SARDINES, caked in TAR-betumen, which floated for 1 year, allegedly re-populated the World, from 8 humans and a pack of few animals, birds, etc...! From whence come all RACES-types of humans, and languages...! THIS CAN SEEM NORMAL AND POSSIBLE TO THE NAIVE BIBLE BELIEVERS...!

The Story of Noah of course may have some cultural history meaning, but is not much more than that...!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

...another amazing "flying" objects development for Canada's "armed" "forces"...!

 $5.7B Cyclone Maritime Helicopters Lack Key Safety Requirement
CBC  |  By James Cudmore Posted: 06/23/2014 5:00 am EDT  |  Updated: 06/23/2014 10:59 am EDT
H-92; CH-148 ; AW 101


The Conservative government has agreed to accept new helicopters to replace Canada's 50-year-old fleet of Sea Kings even though they don't meet a key requirement recommended for marine helicopters by Canada's air safety investigator, CBC News has learned.

The government announced Wednesday it had finally signed a renegotiated contract with helicopter-maker Sikorsky for 28 new CH-148 Cyclone helicopters at a cost of $5.7 billion.

Now, CBC News has learned the details of what the government has agreed to forego in order to conclude a long-awaited new deal with Sikorsky, and it includes a formerly mandatory safety measure: a 30-minute run-dry standard for its main gear box.

The importance of the ability to fly for 30 minutes after a loss of lubrication in the main gear box was reinforced by an investigation into a deadly 2009 crash of a Sikorsky-built helicopter.

"Sikorsky and the Canadian government have agreed on all technical requirements for the CH-148 Cyclone helicopter," says Sikorsky spokesman Paul Jackson. "The gearbox meets all FAR Part 29 requirements by the FAA, including those related to loss of primary lubrication."



This is another amazing "flying" objects development for Canada's "armed" "forces"...!

Between the FERRARI F-35's that USA can pay for, and loose on and loose F-35's in crashes or other problems...! Small countries cannot...! And the Sikorsky's "HELI'S"...! Y WOULD BET THAT 30min dry gears flying safety, is not much if you are at 1hr from a landing spot! WHY NOT LAND AND "WALK" ON WATER? THAT IS A NECESSARY FEATURE ! FLOATERS AND TO FLOAT ! Another HELI can come to the rescue...!

A 30min dry gear box safety life can fail also!

TO BEST A AW 101 PROBABLY means the Cyclone CH-148 is in an ALTOGETHER PACKAGE, more better or complete...!

30 min's only gives 15 min out to sea and 15 min back, ...! At a 50% combination of the 30 min's! IT COULD BE 14MIN OUT TO SEA AND THEN 16 MIN BACK; OR 16 MIN OUT TO SEA, and 1 MIN AWAY FROM LAND...!



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Sunday, June 22, 2014

More on the Venezuela of Chavez, Chavistas, and now Maduro...!

Después por Leonardo Padrón


En Venezuela, la vida es un después.
Nuestro talante ciudadano tiene una tajante línea divisoria: antes y después de Chávez. Nadie escapa a la certeza de que, después de lo ocurrido durante estos años, nunca seremos los mismos.
Muchos apuestan por el país que surgirá después del ocaso de la revolución bolivariana. Otros piensan que no habrá después. Que la semilla del chavismo es invulnerable.
Perdimos la opinión que teníamos de nosotros mismos. Ha quedado al descubierto que nos hemos sobrevalorado. En el mismo gentilicio donde creíamos que reinaban el humor, la generosidad y la concordia también hacen fiesta el odio, la violencia y el rencor.
Caídas las máscaras, ahora somos un después.
Tamaña tribulación.

........................... !!!???

Consuelo nació en revolución. Aprendió a decir camarada, pintar banderitas y aplaudir a Fidel antes de llegar a los quince años. Sus padres se descolocaban al oírla hablar así, pues nunca confiaron en los barbudos de Sierra Maestra. Pero aprendieron a callar mientras su hija se convertía en odontóloga. Años después, Consuelo sintió asfixia, claustrofobia. Quería salir de la isla. Inventarse otra vida. La oportunidad se la presentó Venezuela a través de la Misión Barrio Adentro. La idea era vivir en una barriada popular y prestar sus servicios profesionales a la comunidad. Eran trabajos simples: extracción de cordales, reparación de caries, limpiezas dentales. Su nueva vida comenzaba. Al principio se asombró de la variedad de productos que ofrecían los supermercados y la vistosidad de los centros comerciales. Pero después todo empezó a cambiar. Durante cuatro meses vivió prácticamente en toque de queda: el consejo unánime era evitar la noche caraqueña. La paga era realmente exigua y a veces pasaba días donde solo comía pasta. Desde Cuba vigilaban sus movimientos. Limitaron al extremo su vida social. La claustrofobia volvió. Se decidió. Buscó la gente adecuada. Hizo una inversión riesgosa de dinero y logró huir del país a través de una peripecia esencialmente clandestina. Llegó a USA, consiguió varias manos solidarias y desde hace tres años ejerce su profesión[ ***@|@***!!! }. La sensación de asfixia cesó.
La frase que detonó su rebelión fue: “Después de Cuba, ¿otra vez Cuba?”.

........................... ! ! ! ? ? ?



My Comment:

Asi dicen los Cubanos! Ya pocos se acuerdan de algo mejor! Sin embargo las condiciones malas los hacen querer irse de Cuba, sin haber conocido algo mejor!

Decir que Venezuela ahora es antes y despues de Chavez, es tambien similar al caso cubano! Pronto no habra ni memoria de algo mejor! Solo que se vive mejor en otro pais!

Decir que Venezuela es antes y despues de Chaves, es solo una excusa de los que no mantuvieron el poder antes de Chavez!

El mal de Venezuela estaba alli, solo hacia falta que apareciera alguien como Chavez, para que occuriera!

Aceptar irse, sin hacer nada, es para nosotros, los que no podemos luchar de otra manera, que vivir en otro lugar u origen!


Partial lazy translation  [google]:

So say the Cubans! And few remember better! Nevertheless the poor bad conditions make them want to leave Cuba anyway, without having known better!

To say that Venezuela is now before and after Chavez is also similar to the Cuban case! Soon there will be no memory of anything better! Only that it is better in another country!

To say that Venezuela is Chavez before and after, is just an excuse of those who held power before Chavez!

The evil of Venezuela was there it only was waiting for someone like Chavez, for it to happen!

To accept to leave, without being able to do anything, is for us that cannot fight another way, than to livein another place and origin!


SOME ARCHIVES on Venezuela 1999-2014, etc.


Estoy de acuerdo...!?

El petroleo es de todos a quienes se les occurra darcelo, el pueblo, el gobierno y la mayoria de Venezuela...! Porque no se, de como mas definir "propiedad publica o de estado, pais o de nacion"...!?

Que cosas de la vida, no ?

Me imagino, que no hay forma de reclamar algo que sea "patrimonio del mundo" en caso de que occurra una emergancia energetica...!

Me imagino que ni que alguien pudiera definir algo como que los seres "humanos" son patrimonio del planeta tierra...! No tendria sentido entonces, clases sociales-economicas...!

Que cosas de la vida...!

Suena como el cuento de lo que es de todos y no es de nadie...!

Por favor no le pregunte a ningun gobierno del mundo, si ellos creen en los pobres o la igualdad por lo menos a clase media...!

Aqui por estos lares, se controla bajo un sistema dictatorial a los pobres-peasants, ya que  las cortes cuestan mucho, y no hay prefecturas!

Hacen cola para comidad burda como en cuba en los bancos de comida!

Supongamos que alguien tenga la capacidad de definir, que es mejor de algo...? venezuela ahora o despues de el chavismo !? Como??? Para que? Es como preguntarle a los Castro, si cuba es mejor con ellos...!!!

Mala leche a los que les toco vivir bajo esos locos...!!!

Que cosas de la vida...!

Aun pagar impuesto de propiedad o no haber propiedad de vivienda libre, es esclavismo de los gobiernos del mundo!

Que cosas de la vida...!

Control de cambio es una forma de control de una manda de seres humanos, limitando sus actividades...!

Que cosas de la vida...!

Sera que todo sera asi hasta quien sabe cosas peores!

Yo no veo posibilidad con los chavistas de algo mejor...! PORQUE NO SE VE, NO ESTA OCCURIENDO...!

Que cosas de la vida...!

La vida es asi...! Lo que no es, no es, aunque lo pinten bonito y con bolivar de retrato...!



 William Dávila
In memorian de un insigne venezolano: Dr Ramón J. Velásquez

2 Julio, 2014

Recuerdos muy personales de un insigne venezolano con quien tuve la dicha de compartir momentos muy importantes al inicio de mi actividad política: el Dr. Ramón J. Velásquez Mujica, Senador, Historiador, Político, Intelectual, Ex Presidente de La República (1993).

opinan los foristas

Doctor Honoris Causa de la Ilustre Universidad de Los Andes, el Dr. Velásquez fue muy apreciado en Mérida. Amigo de mi padre Hugo Dávila Lamus y de muchos merideños como Simón Alberto Consalvi, Rigoberto Henríquez Vera, Edilberto Moreno, José Humberto Ocariz, Toto Dávila, Eloy Dávila Celis, Perucho Rincón Gutiérrez, JJ Osuna Rodríguez, Germán Briceño Ferrigni, Chano Noguera Mora, Mazzino y Ezzio Valeri Moreno, Omar Eladio Quintero, Eulogio Angulo, Bernardo Aranguren, Monseñor Baltazar Porras, Pedro Apolinar, entre otros, demuestra la amplitud de pensamiento y el don de la amistad que profesaba como un dogma que fue invariable en toda su vida.

En lo personal guardo entrañables recuerdos porque me gradúe de abogado en 1973 y mi primer empleó lo conseguí por medio de una “tarjetica” de recomendación que me hizo el Senador por Mérida JJ Osuna Rodríguez que había sido su compañero de cárcel en Ciudad Bolívar desde 1956-1958 durante la dictadura Perezjimenista y el Dr. Velásquez me consiguió un poder extrajudicial en la Línea Aeropostal Venezolana.

En la campaña electoral de Jaime Lusinchi organice un grupo de jóvenes ejecutivos del sector financiero que habíamos estudiado becados por el Programa Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho para incorporarlos a la campaña en la Unidad de Independientes que presidía Pedro París Montesinos. Creamos un grupo que se llamó EFEIN que llego a congregar 5000 ejecutivos de primera línea y hacíamos reuniones en diversas casas de familia en grupos de 20 a 50 que se convirtieron en una red que funciono en Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay, Puerto Ordaz, Maracaibo, Mérida, San Cristóbal, Barcelona, Miranda, Caracas y nos acompañaban a diversas reuniones Gonzalo Barrios, Octavio Lepage, Sánchez Bueno, Lauria, Jaime Lusinchi, entre otros y el Dr. Velásquez en casi todas las reuniones, demostrando un activismo político inigualable explicando la pertinencia de la oferta del Presidente Lusinchi del” Pacto Social”.

Se entusiasmó por la presencia de jóvenes profesionales ex becarios del Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho que los veía como una reserva extraordinaria que se estaban formando alrededor de la campaña electoral de AD y Jaime Lusinchi y que le darían fuerza al compromiso de un Gobierno de “los mejores”.

El Dr. Velásquez cuando fui gobernador electo en 1996 tuvo especial deferencia cuando le solicite su parecer para un documento que sustentaba el Pacto Mérida, idea del poeta y filósofo Alberto Arvelo Ramos y que firmamos los Gobernadores del Táchira, Trujillo y Mérida en 1997 como un preludio para la conmemoración de los100 años de la llegada de Los Andinos al poder en octubre de 1899. Ese Pacto Mérida sirvió para desarrollar la Zona Libre Cultural, Científica y Tecnológica de Mérida, creada por Ley aprobada por el Congreso Nacional en 1995, y para echar las bases de una mancomunidad política para potenciar a Los Andes Venezolanos dentro de un Proyecto Nacional armónico y sustentable.

En conversaciones que sostuve en su biblioteca entre 1983 y 1984 me hablaba de Leonardo Ruiz Pineda y de Alberto Carnevali, brillaban sus ojos cuando les recordaba; porque, ese afecto significaba su compromiso de luchar por una democracia plena, sin corrupción y con justicia social.

Perdemos físicamente a un gran Venezolano honesto, sencillo, familiar, venezolano auténtico, demócrata comprobado, amigo y promotor de juventudes, sin echonerías de grandeza, consecuente con AD y a la memoria de Leonardo Ruiz Pineda


 No conozco historia de Capriles diferente a que lo usual de un gobernador por el cual le pasan mucho dinero por los manos !

    Y como no es agua, no podemos cantar : "mi cariño se me va..., se me va..., como el agua entre las manos..."!

    Pero de que no quiere estar preso por razones de actuaciones de fuerza, pues ni bobo ni tonto, o peresozo, no hace esas cosas...!

    Pero yo no comulgo con el tal ! Ni con las virgenes ni santos, mucho menos con algún sacerdote de cuentos de adas o ñinos de un tal Jesus...!

    Pero permito la actividad de todos, cada uno en su lugar !

    La Religión es de los dinosaurios, así que pueden ir a cuidar a los pobres y darles comida y salud...! Y no porque los humildes sean dinosaurios, sino porque los dinosaurios son mandados a ayudar a los pobres !

    Pero yo, besarle la mano al Papa y sus dinosaurios...! Ni siendo un presidente o rey...! Y no siendo sino lo que soy! Me puede besar la mano a mi!

    2 de julio de 2014, 18:23
Anónimo Anónimo dijo...

    Que insigne personaje el tal Orlando Borrego ! Dinero para la dictadura y el dictador, hambre para los cubanos!


Yio no estare en desnudo, perdón (perro-don) estoy en "desuso" más acentuadou...!

Pelo, perdón..., pero puedo vivir así, como decir, que uds, está igualito de muerto si no toma agua después de 1 o 2 semanas o comida antes de los 40 días de la tentación de "hambre" de Jesús ! No se si podía tomar H2O o agua o "water"...!!!

Muchou gustou...!

Podel comel todou natural y sin preservativos u otra cosa "rara"...!

Mis "ductos" de expulsion de "líquidos" tienen ahora que estar bajo sello al salir de mi encierro seguro de oficina...!!!

Y pues...! Galileo'Galilei es verdad !

Tenel "twitter" anagrammatt y facebook...! TV e internepso...!!!

Y veo peliculas en NETFLIX...!

Comel bien pelo todo muy calo...!


Orlando Borrego, siendo tan insigne, sin duda es un escalafón más que hacer, para la economía de Venezuela y de los "bolsillos"...! No pudo robar nada o muy poco a los Castro! Pero en Venezuela las oportunidades son mas variadas! Hasta le dan ciudadanía honoraria!

De Borrego(oveja) o borrico(asno) no debe tener mucho !

En fin, los insignes, del chavismo son dignos de una condecoración "Honor al Mérito"...!

Yo no se de otros que lo hagan mejor !

Pitágoras...! Cocino (cos-"eno"), Senos (sed-nos), tan-gentes o tan-animales !




Tasa Sicad 2 subió ligeramente este miércoles a Bs. 49,99


La tasa de cambio del Sistema Cambiario Alternativo de Divisas ( Sicad 2) subió a Bs. 49,99 por dólar durante la jornada de este miércoles, según informó el Banco Central de Venezuela a través de su página web.

La tasa tuvo una pequeña variación al alza de Bs. 0,02 en comparación con el cierre del pasado martes que se ubicó en Bs. 49, 97 por billete verde.


Que con el cambio se consigueN mas dolares! Y a cambio de que ? Cero exportaciones o bajas exportaciones! Si no sirve el País y la economía, para que ser carceleros, o restringior dolares a las empresas nacionales? CARCELEROS...!





George Frederick Thomson Broadhead · Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela
Castros de Cuba son unos carceleros ! Que se vayan todos lo que quieran ! Carceleros animales !

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead · Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela
Porqué no prueban libre cambio de dolares como en Canadá...! Que se vayan todos si quieren, carceleros !

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead · Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela
Sicad 2 a 50Bs para qué ?


    Que harán las ovejitas indefensas que son los Venezolanos ?

    Nada, o un poco mas o menos lo que hacen !

    Que hacen militares cuando se les encabritan los animalitos de los pesebritos ?

    Meterlos en jaulas o en sus casas, bajo toques de queda !

    Alguna otra variante a la repetitiva historia, bastante aburridad ya por cierto ?

    Irse a una guerrilla nacional como decía Chávez si lo sacaban !

    Una guerra civil !

    Hay muy pocas otras variantes !

    Los que hacen historia o cambian el rumbo de la historia, tienen que hacer cosas grandes y estudiadas para ello !

    Sinó es un repetir y repetir de lo mismo !

    Ya hemos oido bastante de los borregos de el gobierno y la economía !

    En situaciones similares muchos pueblos y ciudades, empiezan producción y sustento local !

    Hasta una economía local !


    O se acomodan a la vida y hacen su propio control hasta de malandros! O se tienen que calar a los borregos !

    Cómo organizar ésto ? Primero en pequeños grupos que se comunican con otros pequeós grupos !

    Hasta que MADURO y chavistas digan o extrañen que no hay quejas y comen bien y trabajan y no sabemos cómo !

    VAYA ! Qué petulante ! Nooo!

    Qué brutos depender del supermercado solamente!

    Así mismo se forman grupos de resistencia también, tarados !

    3 de julio de 2014, 20:38
Anónimo dijo...

    Bueno perdonen mi ignorancia pero!

    Para contrarrestar a los que repiten lo mismo vez tras vez, esperando el mismo resultado, justamente se les da resultados diferentes...!

    Es así cómo se jode a los del sistema de ser CARCELEROS y repetitcion del método ! Darles resultados diferentes, haciendo su método fallar...!


    Un loco, loco, loquito, más que neurótico, que se saca los mocos sin darse cuenta o se come las uñas, es que se queda aislado de la realidad, repitiendo algo que hace o dice sin fin o por mucho tiempo! ESTO SI ES LOCURA REAL!

    LOCURA PARCIAL O SIMLARMENTE de los que hacen males sin mala consciencia y hasta muertes, como psicópatas...! ESO SI ES MAS QUE MALDAD, UN PROBLEMA MENTAL...! Y SON PERSONAS Y HASTA POLÍTICOS Y PRESIDENTES Y DICTADORES...! PSICÓPATAS...!

    LA MANÍA DEL ROBO, es un problema de educación social y falta de poder adquisitivo y buena vida...!

    LA MANÍA DE DAÑAR ESTE MUNDO y el ambiente es de locos más que de ser malos! Sólo un loco destruye donde vive y donde come !



last indipendant newspaper sold-out in venezuela !

Spain's €3,500 Epalisticia buys El Universal for €90 million

    Submitted by Alek Boyd on Sat, 05/07/2014 - 07:56

    Insistent rumours had been making the rounds for some time about the alleged sale of El Universal, Venezuela's oldest and last standing independent newspaper. The sale, for an alleged €90 million, was confirmed this week. The new director is meant to be Jesús Abreu Anselmi, an obscure individual with a rather interesting past link to Gustavo Gomez Lopez's Banco Latino and, more recently, to turncoat -and former Gomez Lopez partner- Gustavo Cisneros. Abreu is also brother of Maestro Abreu, director of world-renowned Venezuelan music system, El Sistema. Abreu did very little to establish his credibility and calm fears about ultimate controlling party, when he pointed at Spain's Epalisticia S.L. as the group behind the purchase. For Epalisticia S.L. is a €3,500 company, which started operations less than a year ago.

Spain's €3,500 Epalisticia buys El Universal for €90 million

    Submitted by Alek Boyd on Sat, 05/07/2014 - 07:56

    Insistent rumours had been making the rounds for some time about the alleged sale of El Universal, Venezuela's oldest and last standing independent newspaper. The sale, for an alleged €90 million, was confirmed this week. The new director is meant to be Jesús Abreu Anselmi, an obscure individual with a rather interesting past link to Gustavo Gomez Lopez's Banco Latino and, more recently, to turncoat -and former Gomez Lopez partner- Gustavo Cisneros. Abreu is also brother of Maestro Abreu, director of world-renowned Venezuelan music system, El Sistema. Abreu did very little to establish his credibility and calm fears about ultimate controlling party, when he pointed at Spain's Epalisticia S.L. as the group behind the purchase. For Epalisticia S.L. is a €3,500 company, which started operations less than a year ago.

    Epalisticia S.L. has one partner: Tecnobreaks Inc, in turn another €3,500 shell incorporated last August. And Tecnobreaks Inc's sole partner? Epalisticia S.L.

    The company's domains, both and, were registered on 10 March 2014:

    It is very clear that Epalisticia is nothing but a front, with no credibility or track record whatsoever. Its claim of having "over $1 billion" in capital investments is just a totally unsupported joke. And did I mention that according to current legislation, it is illegal for foreign corporations to own newspapers in Venezuela?

Spain's €3,500 Epalisticia buys El Universal for €90 million

    Submitted by Alek Boyd on Sat, 05/07/2014 - 07:56

    Insistent rumours had been making the rounds for some time about the alleged sale of El Universal, Venezuela's oldest and last standing independent newspaper. The sale, for an alleged €90 million, was confirmed this week. The new director is meant to be Jesús Abreu Anselmi, an obscure individual with a rather interesting past link to Gustavo Gomez Lopez's Banco Latino and, more recently, to turncoat -and former Gomez Lopez partner- Gustavo Cisneros. Abreu is also brother of Maestro Abreu, director of world-renowned Venezuelan music system, El Sistema. Abreu did very little to establish his credibility and calm fears about ultimate controlling party, when he pointed at Spain's Epalisticia S.L. as the group behind the purchase. For Epalisticia S.L. is a €3,500 company, which started operations less than a year ago.

    Epalisticia S.L. has one partner: Tecnobreaks Inc, in turn another €3,500 shell incorporated last August. And Tecnobreaks Inc's sole partner? Epalisticia S.L.

    The company's domains, both and, were registered on 10 March 2014:

    It is very clear that Epalisticia is nothing but a front, with no credibility or track record whatsoever. Its claim of having "over $1 billion" in capital investments is just a totally unsupported joke. And did I mention that according to current legislation, it is illegal for foreign corporations to own newspapers in Venezuela?

    Its directors -Eduardo Lopez de la Osa, Jose Antonio de la Torre*, and Jose Luis Basanta- are totally unknown, obscure people, without track record, neither expertise in media, nor in successful investments, anywhere. Epalisticia's email address is dysfunctional, and no one answers its phone number.

    So how does Abreu expect that anyone will believe a word he says going forward? How can Abreu and his paymasters expect that El Universal will not follow the fate of Ultimas Noticias, Globovision and El Nacional, with such obscurity surrounding the identity of its new owners? As this farce gathers pace, Andres Mata, former owner of El Universal and someone who could very well identify buying parties, fails to answer repeated requests for comment. I wonder why that is...

    *Jose Antonio de la Torre was director of a company called Torreangulo Arte Grafico SA. Interestingly, this was a small, family-run, printing business that went bust not long ago. In fact, administrators were appointed by Madrid's Mercantile Court No. 3 in May 2013, due to insolvency:







Secretos de la noche!

(1) Cuando a un país lo ayudan del Extranjero? Solo en condiciones extremas de guerra civil! U otra condición igual de grave!

VENEZOLANOS hagan un poco de memoria e historia!

Ni siguiera el paro petrolero hizo mucha meya en el Chavismo!

Si hizo meya el intento de Golpe 2002!

(2) Cuando va ha ir alguien a salvar a los Cubanos?

Ni siguiera el golpe de estado hecho por Fidel, ni siguiera los misiles Rusos, cambiaron a los Castro !

Ni siguiera el bloqueo Económico de veintena de años a salvado a los cubanos de los Castro y el comunismo de la Isla!


Ni siguiera la oposición, ni siguiera un golpe militar venezolano! Porqué? Porque al igual que Chávez falló el golpe de estado de el, fallará el de cualquier otro!











Saturday, July 26, 2014
...CARACAS GRINGO wordpress for the 25july2014 : "el pollo carvajal" and simon says and why not derwick again !

[1] Dirtbag Derwick’s New Shill

Hans Hertell, Boricua, former US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic (2001-07), attorney (of course), former banker in Puerto Rico, longtime pal of infamously notorious Cuban-Venezuelan dirtbags that own properties in La Romana and Miami. You’ll be reading a lot more about him soon in another blog, methinks. Sadly, another example of former US President George W. Bush’s congenitally bad judgment

[2] Simon says
That is what they say cannot be done these days! Only in the middle east with the armned rebel groups! But never in Venezuela! Well guerrillas are rebel armed groups!But guerrillas happen to be on the wrong side of a modern World

[3] Hugo Carvajal, Friend of the FARC…

…and associate of 6to Poder’s Leocenis Garcia.

You might be on the right track about why Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal and 6to Poder’s publisher, Leocenis Garcia, became associates while Garcia was jailed in Carvajal’s dungeonsin Boleita.


US Initiates A New Stage In Its Relations With Venezuela


El pollo high Maduro Gov official and a coup participant with Chavez, now on the loose again!

I did not expect any DUTCH of Aruba to not sell out!


more on venezuela !


 Shared publicly  -  9:58 AM is time to block more and more Venezuela! these cubanists think they can enjoy life and do the biggest thefts of Gov treasure in this countries history! do not know what they might be willing to do to expand their power control!

...what a victory for cubans of the CASTRO's...! how can USA and the World let them enjoy this victory of evil...?



George Frederick Thomson
Shared privately  -  9:55 PM

Leopoldito! Hay cosas que funcionan y otras que no!  Yo no creo que seas culpable! El problema es que yo no soy el juez ni el gobierno!

Rodrigo Pérez Bravo originally shared:

MENSAJE DE.... Leopoldo López:

A pesar de todos los riesgos, he logrado la manera de enviar este mensaje desde mi celda en Ramo Verde, para dirigirme a todos los venezolanos.

En primer lugar, quiero enviar mi solidaridad a todas las víctimas y familiares de la represión, detenciones, torturas y asesinatos ordenada por la Dictadura que hoy oprime a Venezuela. Y quiero manifestar mi profunda admiración a los venezolanos que han salido a las calles por la conquistas de sus derechos.

Durante todos estos días, he podido reflexionar sobre la profundización de la grave crisis política, social y moral a la que han sometido a nuestro pueblo venezolano, pero sobre todo, he podido reflexionar sobre el rumbo que debemos tomar para lograr una salida pronta, pacífica y constitucional a este grave crisis nacional.

Nuestro pueblo lleva más de un mes en las calles protestando de manera pacífica y no violenta contra la escasez, inflación, inseguridad, corrupción, censura y sobre todo contra la brutal y cobarde represión que ha cobrado tantos detenidos, heridos, torturados y asesinados. No hay duda: Venezuela despertó.

Y este despertar debe seguir manifestándose en las calles de nuestra Venezuela hasta alcanzar la salida: tanto sacrificio no puede ser en vano, tanta represión no puede quedar impune, tantos problemas deben ser resueltos y tanta entrega y voluntad de lucha de nuestro pueblo debe ser orientada hacia la conquista de Justicia y Libertad.

La salida a esta crisis requiere como paso fundamental que demostremos claramente cuántos somos los que estamos dispuestos a luchar hasta conseguir un cambio de gobierno pronto, pacífico y constitucional.

Debemos demostrar cuántos somos los que queremos un cambio, para contagiar así de valentía y solidaridad a todos los que están descontentos y lograr su incorporación masiva a la lucha.

Debemos demostrar que somos demasiados los que nos negamos a vivir bajo un modelo opresor, fracasado y corrupto, para que así, quienes se encuentran junto a Maduro en el Poder, lo abandonen a él y a su absurdo intento de domesticación para unirse a la construcción de un nuevo modelo de país en el que todos nos sintamos representados.

Debemos demostrar toda nuestra fuerza y compromiso de lucha para que quienes están en el Poder abandonen cualquier intento de conseguir una falsa paz a punta de plomo, para que nuestras FANB no sigan el camino de la represión que les propone la dictadura y para que las calles demuestren con gente comprometida que no existe fuerza represiva suficiente para doblegar a todo un pueblo que exige Libertad.

La ruta es clara: debemos duplicar la fuerza no violenta y transformar la espontaneidad de la calle en articulación y organización real para conquistar la Libertad.

Por lo tanto, hago un llamado a todo el país a mantener y aumentar la presión hasta quebrar la dictadura, hasta que quienes están en el Poder sepan que es imposible imponer una falsa paz con represión y no les quede otra opción que salir del poder o iniciar un verdadero proceso de entendimiento nacional.

Hermano y hermana venezolana, si crees en todo esto, si estás dispuesto a luchar hasta conseguir un cambio de gobierno pronto, pacífico y constitucional, te convoco a demostrar tu compromiso y voluntad de lucha asistiendo este sábado, desde las 11 de la mañana, a las mayores concentraciones históricas que convocaremos en todo el territorio nacional.

Los convoco este sábado a iniciar a una nueva etapa de la lucha, a enviar un mensaje claro y contundente a quienes están en el Poder y a demostrar con orgullo cuántos somos los que estamos dispuestos a avanzar en la lucha popular de la calle, la lucha no violenta, hasta alcanzar la Libertad.

Estamos del lado correcto de la Historia

En Ramo Verde, a los 18 días del mes de marzo de 2014.

Leopoldo López

Fuerza y Fe


George Frederick Thomson
Shared publicly  -  9:52 PM

Nadita! O sea lo que hizo Chavez si tiene perdon! Y sus asociados! Vaya!

Rodrigo Pérez Bravo originally shared:

En estos momentos acaba de terminar la audiencia de presentación de Leopoldo López en el tribunal nro 16 del area metropolitana, al dirigente se le imputó los delitos de homicidio intencional calificado por motivos futiles; Homicidio intencional calificado ejecutado por motivos futiles en grado de frustración; Terrorismo,lesiones graves, incendio de edificio publico, daños a la propiedad publica,delitos de instigación publica, instigación a delinquir y delitos de asociación, a solicitud del fiscal 41 Franklin Nieves Capace... El tribunal acordó la privativa de libertad del Dirigente Leopoldo López y su sitio de reclusión La cárcel de ramo verde y su posterior pase a juicio...Ruedalo venezuela necesita estar enterado de esta infamia,no abandonemos la calle. Por eso no lo trasladaron son 38 años de carcel.


CONTINUED on page:

VENEZUELA before and after the Jailed Military and the Jailing of the Political Leader LEOPOLDO LOPEZ


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