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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Icelands Vocano eruption of September! - An impressive force of nature...!

George Frederick Thomson

Shared publicly  -  10:02 AM
LAVA from our inner planets interior, is certainly a cause for the scary feeling before such power and destructive energy!


In pure logic, what comes out and does not go back, stays out! And there is a loss in the total amount of available World LAVA!

But believe me, these mysteries surpass normal science!
Holuhraun Eruption
Have you ever felt the real power of nature so close?
It is hard to describe the feeling you have when you see something like this with your own eyes. Some months ago when I was planning my stay on Iceland I dreamed of seeing a volcanic eruption during that time. Now my dream became real and it's hard to believe. Is it fate or just luck? Anyway, I will never forget this breathtaking experience.

Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing my pictures!

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