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Monday, December 16, 2013 the SEARCH for LOGIC...!

IN LOGIC it is always a search in which you have to be sure logically by what your mind finds out by yourself, and not because you simply believe it, or learn it as true...!

If you have learned to manage your Subconscious mind of pre-learned things, and now you learn consciously properly or not there also, you have reached levels of a maximum pure logic persona !

THE DAY YOU STOP searching, and thinking for yourself, you have or learned the basis of pure logic, or you have become a complacent mind, subject to others minds and will power...!

NEVER FORGET that the mind never sleeps nor slumbers, but does what you teach it to do...! There is a time for all, and to keep busy, to slumber and to sleep...!

BE HAPPY people/personas of the World and pure logic...! We do not need what they make as for living for...! Your mind needs pure logic...! All else are mere passing or additions to humans/personas activities..!

YOU ARE A LEGAL persona, that nothing nor anybody has authority over, other than yourself...! Law and law enforcement is only for those that do not really live, nor let live...!

[1] What matters is not if you understand or you simply believe what has been told to you...!

[2] What matters is that there is more to most things and what is known or told to us...!

[3] What matters is that even University Science of some themes and even at the degree of PhD's, is mostly low level logic or really crap logic, or worse, non-sense...! But you did not know this...!

[4] What matters is that though worse, University Theology of the Bible of the English Countries, is also low level logic, and merely a guide of good ethics and morale. It does have some top notch pure logic. Which very few people follow these days...!

[5] What matters is that you can never know it all, but your mind power is ready or soon can become ready for something different and/or knew...! Countries that believe in middle class living and "free" University education and Technology, Good Economy and Work, as Germany and Eastern Europe, have demonstrated that other countries are still ancient slavists in many ways and forms...!

[6] What matters finally for now, is that though responsibility is a form of making things matter. If nothing really matters, you are free and happy, to the degree you can cope with it...! Live fully as to what you can or have been "permitted to"...! That most people that live artificially and superfluously are not really happy...!

George Frederick Thomson [Broadhead] 20 Nov 2013

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