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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

...S. Africa has a whack of people living in shantees and hungry...! But it is their own abode...!!!

Better "style" shantee's of Cape Town S. Africa

IN THEORY SOUTH AFRICA HAS GOVERNMENT HOUSING PROPERTY for their people! It must be principal inalienable abode...!
I SEE NO South Africa government support for FOOD...!

CANADA does not...!!! And they say ENGLISH are better...! The statistics do not show how many peasants and poor have been made to live rented under landlords...! CANADA peasants are mostly under dressed and hungry...!

USA does not either...!!! USA has more homeless than SOUTH AFRICA...!!!



    Human Settlements Vision 2030Pocket guide to SA - Human settlements
    People's Housing Process (PHP)
    Women in housing
    Housing institutions

Following President Jacob Zuma's proclamation in 2009 to change the Department of Housing to the Department of Human Settlements, the focus shifted from housing being just a roof over people's heads, to providing sustainable and integrated human settlements where people can work, pray, play and have access to amenities required for their day-to- day living.

The mandate of the Department of Human Settlements is to facilitate the creation of sustainable human settlements and improve the quality of household life. Its functions are to determine, finance, promote, communicate and monitor the implementation of housing and sanitation programmes.



...most went to Mandela's funeral, acting as if they are better...!!!

AS VENEZUELA, you have your own house and home, but with little work and food...! But you cannot die frozen to death by the cold...!

...Brazil has SHANTEE's scum by the millions...!!!

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