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Monday, December 9, 2013

...North Korea is excesive in Concentration Camps in Peace Times...! But all humans are mostly the same: it is just a matter of how much they do it...!

World must awaken to North Korea's camps of horror
By Joshua Stanton and Sung-Yoon Lee
updated 1:36 PM EST, Sat December 7, 2013


(CNN) -- The deliberate policies of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his late father, Kim Jong Il, may have killed millions of North Koreans, either by starving them to death or sending them to die in a system of political prisoner concentration camps unlike any since the regimes of Hitler and Stalin.

For years, the world has been so fixated on the North's nuclear weapons that it has lost sight of reports of such systematic crimes. Yet they are the very reason we should care that North Korea could develop an effective nuclear arsenal. Indeed one of the very sites of this alleged brutality — Camp 16 -- lies right next to North Korea's nuclear test site.

Still, we have accounts of what went on in the other camps. Witnesses had told about the building in Camp 22 where two parents breathed air into the lungs of their dying children before they perished together in the camp's experimental gas chamber, and about the two children who drowned when a guard kicked them into a waste pond. We have heard of the guest house at Camp 18 where, according to witness accounts, women prisoners were raped before the guards murdered them, and of the former athlete who was killed by a guard at Camp 14 after hunger drove him to eat part of the guard's leather whip. We read how guards at Camp 15 would allegedly make starving prisoners race along the side of a cliff for corn cakes, and laugh each time one fell to his death.

The prisoners in these camps, according to witness accounts, are condemned by nothing resembling a fair trial, for things we would not recognize as crimes  complaining about hardships in the "People's Paradise," escaping to find food, practicing religion, criticizing the ruling Kim family, or simply being related to such "offenders." (North Korea collectively punishes the children, spouses and parents of political prisoners.)



...humans are mostly all the same...!

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS how much they do it...!

Canada does it for 3 weeks under any pretext, to no defence or lawyer, TORTURE petty problems MENTAL HEALTH detentions discipline...!

In Mental Health Canada of Surrey Hospital, I was not supposed to get out easy, the last time...!!! They run in conjunction with those that do Brain Washing and Social problems, including Neighbours, some of the population, Drugsters and Bitches, the Police R.C.M.P., Ambulance, Fire-brigade, Doctors and the Medical Department, etc...!!!

In North Korea you go to worse places for "petty things"...! And to generally never get out!

WORLD JAILS are concentration camps, with many problems of VIOLENCE, hunger, torture, RAPE, DRUGS, etc. , as a deterrent so that you do not want to go there...! BUT THEY DO GO THERE...!


WHAT is worse, is if you are some king of POLITICAL-RELIGIOUS person of oppression-inquisition CANADA, USA or other Country...!!!

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