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Friday, December 6, 2013

...Message to all the World for These Seasons Greetings 2014...!

Merry Time of Santa Claus Celebrations,
Pine Trees Decor & A Happy New Year
1st of January 2014!

Truly love is the best feeling,
contrary to anger, evil or hate!

Truth anchors the faith of our minds,
in ourselves and others and in our

Even faith where there is no truth,
is sufficient to encourage our
emotions from fear and somberness!

Each of us will follow the Customs
of our Countries and time in our

We all can be above all happy,
there is more to our Old Practices,
Religions, and Governments Old Laws!

To enjoy what we are used to,
combined with more, and additional
knowledge and logic!

Fills our souls and hearts to
over-flowing, in common love to
all man and women kind!

At this time of joy, consolation,
and gifts from Papa and Mama Noel,
but not much from our Governments!

Lets all unite in a common blessedness,
of families, and friends, in a good
time together, and of celebrations!

To the Canada Queen Elizabeth 2,
and the English Commonwealth, and
other English heritage Countries!

What is good, think on these things,
what is not good, and too costly
Justice, and Economy, forget them!

Better capacity of thought and logic,
can help us all, to endure the
hardships, of life!

These hardships of life, are mostly
not lived by the Monarchy bubble, or
Governments, but still lived by us all!

The Poor and Peasants are still with us,
even to this 21st. Century, and
the only to blame are the Governments!

We wish that the millions of people,
hungry in this World, be given even
at this time, a little of hope and love!

That those that have denied the poor,
a better life system, be forgiven,
and not suffer the life of the peasants!

We congratulate the Eastern European
Countries, for their better social
systems and Freedoms!

At this time of World celebrations,
We all pray to the God(s) for World
Peace, and good will unto all!

George F. Thomson [Pure Logic]
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