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Monday, November 25, 2013

...A huge gold mining corporation is destroying the world's last wild salmon run in Alaska....! ...!

A huge gold mining corporation is destroying the world's last wild salmon run in Alaska.
The Pebble Mine project is a threat to land, livelihoods, and local indigenous people. Tell Northern Dynasty Minerals to pull out of the project now.
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George F.,
A fierce battle is happening right now over Bristol Bay, Alaska -- home to the last wild salmon run in the world, and the indigenous Alaskans who depend on that salmon to survive.
A huge mining corporation, Northern Dynasty Minerals, wants to exploit the land for gold and copper. The proposed ‘Pebble Mine’ threatens to pollute miles of pristine streams and wetlands, killing the 40 million sockeye salmon who come to the bay each year, and with them the livelihoods of local fishermen and indigenous people.
But we can stop this and save the world's last salmon run. The indigenous people have already scored a massive victory. Anglo American, a British mining company, already pulled out last month after investing $541m. With so much opposition, it couldn’t help but see the mine as too risky. If it can pull out, so can Northern Dynasty Minerals.
Tell Northern Dynasty Minerals to pull out of the Pebble Mine project now, and preserve Bristol Bay and its wild salmon for future generations.
Now is the time to speak out -- this past week has seen mounting press attention, as well as an ongoing assessment by the US Environmental Protection Agency of the potential environmental risks posed by the gold mine. Our activist friends have told us that this is the biggest issue on the EPA’s table, after the Keystone XL pipeline.
And we could win this. If Anglo American can admit that this is a bad business decision, so can Northern Dynasty Minerals. Jason Metrokin from the Bristol Bay native corporation, says "The people of Bristol Bay overwhelmingly oppose the Pebble project. We are glad that Anglo American has recognised that the proposed mine is too risky, and we urge Northern Dynasty Minerals to do the same."
This is a fight we have a real chance of winning, preserving a vital ecosystem for generations to come. Let’s take a stand against corporate greed, and say that we put Bristol Bay and its people before gold.
Tell Northern Dynasty Minerals to save the salmon and stop the Pebble Mine.
Thanks for all that you do,
Hanna, Angus, Kaytee and the rest of us at

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